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Anniversary Gift Ideas


If the wedding is the beginning of a promise, then each anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate the continuation of that commitment and love. It's only natural that gift giving would be a part of such a memorable event.

Since the end of the 19th Century gift giving lists have recommended specific themes for many of the anniversary years. Over the decades, traditional symbols and materials became interchangeable with modern equivalents. These days, anniversary lists-traditional or modern-are considered fun and helpful guidelines, not mandatory. Need an idea? Take a look!

Here's a list of traditional anniversary themes and their modern equivalents. We've also included gift suggestions for milestone years.

Year Traditional Gift Modern Gift
First Paper Clock
Second Cotton China
Third Leather Crystal; glass
Fourth Fruit; flowers Appliances
Fifth Wood Silverware
Sixth Candy; iron Wood
Seventh Wool; copper Desk sets
Eighth Bronze; pottery Linens; lace
Pottery; willow Leather
Tenth Tin Diamond jewelry
Eleventh Steel Fashion jewelry
Linen; silk Pearls
Lace Textiles
Ivory Gold jewelry
Fifteenth Crystal; glass Watch
Twentieth China Platinum
Twenty-fifth Silver Silver
Thirtieth Pearl Diamond
Thirty-fifth Coral Jade
Fortieth Ruby Ruby
Forty-fifth Sapphire Sapphire
Fiftieth Gold Gold
Fifty-fifth Emerald Emerald
Sixtieth Diamond Diamond; gold
Seventy-fifth Diamond Diamond

1st Anniversary

Even in this digital age, we value the beauty and delicacy of fine-quality paper. Worthy of our most important documents-for example, a marriage certificate-it's the perfect symbol of a couple's first year.

Gift Ideas


  • Printed stationary
  • Book of romantic sonnets
  • Calendar
  • Full-color coffee table book
  • Magazine subscription
  • Monogrammed paper cocktail napkins
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Hand-bound scrapbook
  • A gift certificate

Gift Certificate Ideas

  • Perhaps you're feeling both traditional and modern? What about a gift certificate (paper) for the coolest new clock from The Sharper Image®?
  • Let them select their favorite books on art and culture from Barnes & Noble.
  • A beautiful selection of stationary abounds at Macy's.
10th Anniversary

We have to admit, the modern-day gift of a diamond tends to be more enthusiastically received than the time-honored item of tin. Nonetheless, we have a few tin-related suggestions for traditionalists... And who's to say that a diamond tennis bracelet or diamond cuff links can't be tucked inside?

Gift Ideas


  • Painted tin box
  • Punched tin tree ornaments
  • Candlesticks
  • Tin jewelry box (holding a diamond brooch?)

Gift Certificate Ideas

  • Pair a simple tin box with a gift certificate from Blue Nile. Wow!
  • HomeGoods has gifts perfect for a tenth anniversary.
  • Beautiful tin candlesticks and more at Crate and Barrel.
25th Anniversary

With a luminous beauty that sets it apart from other metals, silver is a perfect reflection of a twenty-five year marriage with sterling qualities of its own. Even modern list-makers weren't inclined to change this classic gift suggestion. Of course the gift doesn't have to be solid sterling or silver-plate. Consider something with a silvery hue or silver-related theme. You can always substitute white gold or even platinum instead of silver - we are sure she won't mind.

Gift Ideas

Throwing a party?
After twenty-five years of marriage, many couples may have all of the home-related things that they require. A single commemorative gift, an experience-based present or a SuperCertificate® that lets the couple select exactly what they need or have room for will be greatly appreciated!


  • Candelabrum
  • Fruit bowl
  • Newly minted silver dollars
  • Engraved sterling silver tray
  • Pen and pencil set
  • Charm bracelet
  • Engraved compact or flask
  • Sterling key ring
  • A woven blanket with silver metallic thread
  • Jewelry

Gift Certificate Ideas

50th Anniversary

Gold speaks for itself. Valued throughout the ages by countless civilizations, gold evokes a standard that is distinct. When we speak of someone having a "solid gold character" it's the highest form of praise. Surely the same could be said for a fifty-year relationship? No wonder gold is a symbol of enduring love.

Gift Ideas


  • Wine glasses rimmed with gold
  • A special book with gold-leaf edges
  • Gold coins in a special commemorative box
  • Gold-plated candlesticks
  • Engraved Gold-plated candy dish
  • And of jewelry is always enjoyed!

Gift Certificate Ideas

Your Favorite Couple

Gift Ideas

  • Picnic basket and a blanket
  • Gift basket filled with gourmet foods
  • Wine with a custom label commemorating the event
  • Charitable contributions to a favorite organization
  • Matching monogrammed robes
  • Personalized wedding quilt
  • Artwork
  • A selection of wines with a leather carrying case
  • Personalized wedding keepsake box
  • Photo album
  • Blooming plants for the garden
  • Old wedding photos they have never seen

Gift Certificate Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

My husband and I have been married for three years. Would it be unusual if we hosted our own anniversary party?
Not at all! It's quite common for couples to throw their own anniversary parties in the early years-though it's equally acceptable for a friend or relative to host a party in your honor if they're so inclined.

Who should host a major anniversary celebration?
Though it is more common for someone other than the couple to host a major anniversary-such as a silver or gold-it's fine for a couple to organize their own celebration.

I'm organizing a 25th wedding anniversary party for my parents. My parents insist that I print "No gifts, please" on the invitations. I seem to recall an etiquette book that considered this impolite. What should I do?
Formal etiquette once declared this practice to be in poor taste, but times have changed. On the other hand, it is not acceptable to write, "No silver gifts, please" as this would imply that gifts other than silver are expected.

Is it proper to mention plans for a group gift on party invitations?
Yes, if you have plans for a specific item, it is OK to include a note that gives guests the opportunity to contribute. It's generally considered bad manners to ask directly for money, but mentioning the idea of a large gift with the option to participate is just fine. Make sure that everyone who contributes signs the card.

My siblings and I are throwing a party for my parent's golden anniversary. They are planning to downsize into a small condo. What would you suggest in lieu of assorted gifts?
This is a perfect opportunity to give a gift certificate for an activity, a special meal or a big-ticket item that you know your parent's would enjoy.

Are anniversary gifts only exchanged on milestone years?
Gift givers and anniversary celebrants may present or exchange gifts on any and all years that they wish-each and every one counts!

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