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Anonymous Gifts


Anonymous gift exchanges are popular around the holidays. A gift exchange can promote holiday spirit and add a little bit of excitement to an occasion. Becoming a detective and discovering a person's interests can help you get to know the person you are buying for a little bit better. An office gift exchange or an exchange amongst friends can also prove to be quite the social event. Guessing who a gift is from and watching the reaction on another person's face when they open your gift can be quite the entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our office has a holiday tree in the lobby with tags that list a child's name, age and their gift preference. Do you have any suggestions as I prepare my gift?
Make sure that you purchase a brand new item in its original wrapping. If the organization that is collecting the donations permits you to wrap the gift, make sure to label it so that the intended recipient is sure to receive it. Do check about wrapping, as some organizations prefer donations unwrapped.

We are having a Secret Santa gift exchange at work. I've been assigned a co-worker that I don't know. What is an appropriate gift for him?
You might do a bit of sleuthing and see if other people in the office can give you some insight into this person's hobbies or interests. Or, consider giving a SuperCertificate that will allow the recipient to choose exactly what he wants!

We are friendly with a large family who lives down the street. I would like to give them a gift, but I believe their resources are quite limited. I don't want them to feel obligated to give us something in return. Do you have any suggestions on how and what I might give them anonymously?
You are very generous to consider a gift that will not leave your neighbors with any sense of obligation. An excellent way to give anonymously is to send a gift certificate in the mail. The family will enjoy choosing items that they specifically need, or they can treat themselves to a special holiday indulgence.



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