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Baby Shower Gift Ideas


In the past, only non-relatives (like co-workers and church groups) were expected to host baby showers. It's now become more common for mothers and sisters to host the event as well. The shower is usually held in the home of the hostess or sometimes a restaurant or banquet facility. When everyone comes together, it's a wonderful display of caring for a growing family and a special way of welcoming a new life into the world.

Showers are normally given before the baby is born, generally a month or two before the Mom's due date. It's a good idea to give the Mom enough time following the shower to shop for items she didn't receive if she'd like to have them before the baby arrives. It's also customary to have a couple's baby shower. Many husbands are just as excited to welcome a new little son or daughter into their lives. Some dedicated 'Dads to be' will make every effort to be present and participate in every event leading up to the big arrival date.


Mom and New Baby Shower

  • Tea party
  • Pampering Mom
  • Teddy Bear party
  • Nine Months Pregnant (guests show up with stuffed pillows)
  • Diaper Bonanza
  • Baby Brunch
  • Baby Book party
  • Clothesline party (each guest pins up baby clothing before Mom arrives)

Couples Baby Shower

  • Baby Frame party
  • "Who's That Baby?" (game where guests bring their baby photo)
  • Baby Bingo
  • BBQ patio party
  • Noah's Ark party
  • Little Prince and Princess
  • Rubber Duck
  • A Star is Born
  • Baby Needs a Name
  • A-Z party (assigning a letter to the guest for a gift)
Gift Ideas

For Mom and New Baby

  • Bath and beauty products
  • Soft nightgown
  • Nursing pillow
  • A stack of paperbacks to read in the final days before delivery
  • Childcare books
  • A pretty robe
  • Soothing music
  • Videos/DVDs
  • Perfume
  • Elegant white men's shirt
  • Hair and skin products
  • Home spa kit
  • Foot massager
  • Stylish luxury tote

For Couples

  • Baby jersey of parents favorite team
  • Activity center
  • Tub toys
  • Diaper Cake
  • Baby soap
  • Mom and Dad Lecture Guides
  • Special Delivery Rompers
  • Birth Certificate Holder
  • Personalized Baby Blankets
Gift Certificate Ideas
  • has all the beauty and body care products expectant Moms love.
  • has great looking totes and luxury bags.
  • Provide bed-ridden entertainment - Mom will appreciate a gift certificate from Hollywood Video.
Frequently Asked Questions

When are baby showers typically held?
A shower is most appropriate when it's not too early in the pregnancy and not too close to the due date-as babies can arrive early! Two or three month's prior to the due date is a perfect time to hold the shower.

My friend doesn't know the sex of her baby. What color clothing is appropriate?
Yellow, green and white are frequent color choices when the sex of the baby is unknown. Another option is to present some adorable unisex items-a hat or booties-with a gift certificate for an outfit of the parent's choosing, after the baby is born.

Can you suggest some interesting baby shower themes?
Themed showers are always fun: they help guests to select appropriate gifts, and if desired, related games or food can be part of the theme. Here are just a few ideas to get you inspired:

  • Pamper-the-parents
  • A-B-Cs
  • Heirloom Shower
  • Baby travel gear for parents who are frequent travelers
  • Indulge-the-Mom shower
  • Everything-for-Dad shower (or for the couple)
  • Handle with care (everything related to baby care instructions)

What is your opinion of registering for a baby shower?
It's a wonderful idea. Registries help avoid duplication and they ensure gift givers that they have selected something that will be enjoyed.

I'd like to throw a shower for my friend who is adopting. Is that OK?
It's a great idea. Everything about the shower would be exactly the same as any other. However, it might be helpful to note the clothing sizes that are appropriate as many adopted children aren't newborns.



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