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Back to School Gift Ideas


Summer is over and it's time for students to shift their thoughts to classroom activities and the season ahead. While kids may hate to see the end of warm-weather fun, excitement is always in the air when the topic turns to back-to-school shopping, including a few new items for the wardrobe and the traditional hunt for that perfect folder, backpack or just the right markers. Isn't studying always more fun when you have cool new supplies? Give kids a few weeks and many will show their personal flair as they make basic book covers and folders come alive with customized artwork, stickers and a doodle or two.

Gift Ideas
  • Backpack
  • Stack of brightly colored wire bound notebooks
  • Computer
  • Software
  • Clear zipper pouch filled with pens, pencils and eraser
  • Sticker kit to personalize book covers
  • Soft-style reusable lunch bag
  • Décor for kids' room or dorm room
  • New school clothes
  • Sporting gear
Gift Certificate Ideas
  • Great looking clothes for back-to-school style at the Gap and GapKids.
  • lets them choose the pair they want to wear!
  • Notebooks, a thermos and a new outfit all from T.J. Maxx.
  • Marshalls has designer labels for less.
Frequently Asked Questions

My teenage son is miserable because he will be starting the year at a new school. Do you have any suggestions for gifts that will lift his spirits?
Starting the year at a new school can be tough for kids. And the most important factor in your son's transition will be his knowing that he has your support. If he feels like talking about his fears, he'll see that you're willing to help. In the meantime, an outing to prepare for the first day might be appreciated. Shopping for a few new outfits, a backpack or other school essentials might also help to get him in a positive frame of mind.

The students at my daughter's school wear uniforms, but she misses the back-to-school shopping experience that she enjoyed while in public school. Any ideas?
Many schools with uniforms still allow students to add personal accessories: hair bands, watches, wristbands, backpacks and jewelry. Some schools also have regulations for accessories, so be sure to check before you shop.

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