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Baptism/Christening Gift Ideas


Though the specific customs vary among churches, a baptism welcomes and officially incorporates an individual into their faith. Performed by a member of the clergy, the christening ceremony is witnessed by close family and friends. Baptisms are commonly associated with infants, but older children and adults also have christening ceremonies. Godparents-a couple invited by the parents to look after their child's spiritual upbringing-may also participate at the baptism. On this special day, infants will often wear white baptismal gowns. Some of these are embroidered, heirloom treasures that have been passed down through generations. Others reflect modern tastes and the beginning of new traditions.

Gift Ideas
  • Classic jewelry that the child can wear when older
  • Silver picture frame
  • Engraved baby cup
  • Coins minted in the birth year
  • Needlepoint cushion with baby's name
  • Classic children's storybooks
  • Small tree or blooming plant
  • Quilt
Gift Certificate Ideas
  • Mom and Dad would love a gift certificate to to outfit their baby for the special occasion.
  • A gift certificate to Fortunoff can help festoon the ceremony for an elegant and formal setting.
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is typically invited to a christening?
Relatives and very close friends.

What's a traditional gift from a Godparent?
A classic gift from godparents might be a silver baby cup or frame that is engraved to commemorate the day..

We've already given a baby gift to our friends, but we will soon attend their baby's christening. Should we bring a gift?
If you have already acknowledged the birth of your friends' child with a gift, you are not obliged to bring a second gift to the christening. Even if you have not given a gift for the birth of the baby - you are not obliged to bring a gift.

Should we give the clergyman a gift?
While the baptismal sacrament is free of charge, it is customary to make a monetary donation to the clergyman who performs the christening. If you have a close relationship, you might also want to give him a small gift.

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