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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas


Having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a significant event for Jewish teenagers, signaling their responsibility for their own religious and spiritual life. When a Jewish child reaches religious maturity around the time of their thirteenth birthday, this event is frequently acknowledged with a service at their temple and a party following the ceremony with family and friends. To mark this rite of passage, it is traditional to honor the bar or bat mitzvah with a special gift. Celebrations are as varied as the individual and their family, but regardless of the time or place, this is a joyous occasion for one and all.

Gift Ideas
  • Family tree
  • Family heirloom
  • Savings Bond
  • Gift certificate
  • Books on Jewish history, traditions or prayer books
  • A storage box for decorative memorabilia from the celebration
  • Ritual items: Kiddush cup, Shabbat candlesticks or Menorah
  • Mezuzah for child's bedroom door
  • Frame
  • Photo album
  • CDs
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
Gift Certificate Ideas
  • Teenage boys will appreciate of choice of gear from
  • A certificate for GameWorks is a unique gift for a group to enjoy.
  • Commemorate her special day with a book about Jewish traditions from
  • Spa Finder has the potions and lotions that a teenage girl adores.
  • A shopping spree at the Gap will be a popular gift!
Frequently Asked Questions

A business associate has invited me to his son's bar mitzvah. I'm unfamiliar with the bar mitzvah tradition and wonder what is the most appropriate gift. Any suggestions?
Perhaps it will help if you think of this as an extra special birthday celebration-with religious significance. To that end, anything that you would normally give a teenager on his birthday would be appropriate: music, clothing, computer software, DVDs, etc. Money is also a traditional gift, as well as Bar Mitzvah-specific items that commemorate the day. Gift certificates are also a perfect solution as the Bar Mitzvah will be able to select exactly what he wants!

Should my Bat/Bar Mitzvah gift have a religious theme?
Since this is a religious coming-of-age ceremony it would certainly be appropriate, but it is not mandatory. Whether or not you choose a gift that commemorates the ceremony depends on the individual Bat or Bar Mitzvah.

Should I bring my gift to the Bat/Bar Mitzvah?
Bring it to the party, not the religious ceremony. If the service and party are held on Shabbat-Friday evening or before sundown on Saturday-it might be best to send the gift on another day. Carrying a gift (or any item) is forbidden on Shabbat for traditional Jewish households.

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