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Boss's Day Gift Ideas

October 16th

It might appear that bosses have it easy, but this holiday reminds us that it's not always as simple as it looks. Extra pressure and stress come along with that "cushy corner office". The view might be nice, but the hours can be long!

Boss's Day is a specifically designated holiday where gift giving is a common practice. Many office groups will band together and throw a lunch in honor of the Boss or throw in for a gift from the whole gang. Everybody agrees that having a great Boss goes a long way toward one's own satisfaction on the job. Why not thank the Boss for a job well done?

Gift Ideas
  • Tickets to a cultural or sporting event
  • What's your Boss's favorite candy? Give a desktop jar, filled to the brim.
  • Homemade cookies in a contemporary box
  • Vouchers for a favorite lunch spot with delivery service
  • Card-signed by everyone who reports to the Boss
  • Catered lunch for the Boss and staff
  • A subscription to a magazine or paper relevant to your Boss's interests
  • Electronic golf swing trainer
  • Desktop puzzle cube
  • Desktop paperweight
  • Pencil cup frame holder
  • Voice-recorder pen (for bosses who appreciate the latest gadget)
  • Monogrammed travel wallet
  • Backseat car hanger for suit jacket
  • Leather desktop catchall
Gift Certificate Ideas
  • Perhaps there is a group of people in your office who wish to honor the Boss with a single gift? If so, a SuperCertificate would be ideal.
  • Restoration Hardware has just what your Boss is looking for.
  • Is your Boss the golfing type? Austad's Golf has a wonderful range of gifts.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really OK to give the Boss a gift? I thought etiquette advised against it?
You are correct that traditional etiquette recommends not giving your Boss a gift on major holidays. However, Boss's Day is an officially sanctioned day, and there is no expectation of a gift being given in return-and hence, no unnecessarily awkwardness. That being said, do confirm with your HR Department about your company's specific gift giving policies at work.

Do you recommend a group gift over an individual gift to the Boss?
Though an individual gift is just fine, some gift givers feel uncomfortable with the idea. They worry that their gift might be perceived as a ploy for special treatment. Group gifts alleviate this concern.

If a group gift is what you prefer, just be certain that there is no pressure for people to contribute if they are not interested. Take a look at our etiquette section under group gifting for more information about gifts in the workplace.

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