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Christmas Gift Ideas

December 25th

Christmas conjures the sweet smell of homemade cookies, and freshly cut pine trees. Christmas is a festive time when carols are sung, homes are decorated and feasts are prepared. From parties throughout the season to celebrations on Christmas day, gifting opportunities abound. At this joy-filled time, friends and family delight in planning special surprises and placing beautifully wrapped packages under the tree. Cherished traditions also include hanging stockings on the fireplace mantel. On Christmas Eve, while the children are asleep, Santa is said to travel from the North Pole and slide down every chimney to fill stockings with small gifts and treats. It's an old tradition to leave him cookies and milk. How, we wonder, does he eat them all?

Gift Ideas
  • Evergreen wreath
  • Christmas stories on tape
  • Keepsake Christmas tree ornament
  • Gourmet candy canes
  • Copper cookie cutter set with a holiday theme
  • Cookies in a keepsake cookie tin/box
  • Christmas pudding with a bottle of port
  • Gift basket for day-after-Christmas brunch items
Gift Certificate Ideas
Frequently Asked Questions

Many of my friends and co-workers don't celebrate Christmas. What is an appropriate gift for people with different traditions?
This is a great question-the best gifts are always those that are meaningful to the recipient. We have an entire section devoted to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa gifts, as well as a general winter gift giving section. You may want to take a look at some of these ideas, or read about the customs of different traditions.

One of my good friends prefers that we not exchange Christmas gifts. Is it OK for me to buy her a gift anyway?
Yes-but on one condition: you must give it anonymously. If your friend wishes to not exchange gifts, then you must respect that (to a point). Were you to present her face-to-face with an unexpected gift it might embarrass her. So here's an idea: Mail her a gift certificate for something that she simply adores and sign it "From Santa". She will feel absolutely no sense of obligation-because she won't know whom it's from-and you will have fulfilled your wish to give your friend something special.



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