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Gift Wrapping


"It's all in the delivery," is a creed some people swear by. It's true when you think about it; some gifts seem even more valuable when they have the perfect packaging. Now more than ever, it's become 'in vogue' to give gifts in swirled ribbons, customized gift sacks, impressionable wrapping, and logo branded boxes.

It's normal to assume the gift inside the creative design is equally as cool or carefully crafted. It's also your chance to further show the person that this occasion is special to you since you've thought of every detail - right down to the wrapping!

Recent Packaging Trends
  • Mix and match
  • Stripes
  • Polka dots
  • Old-fashioned wallpaper prints
  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Craft paper with typewriter font letter stickers
  • Brushed stainless tins
  • Flower package toppers
  • Origami paper
  • Decorative envelopes
  • Velum paper & envelopes
Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to add some special flair to my gifts this season. Can you give me some new wrapping and packaging ideas?

Try colors and materials that are "outside the box".
While many of us think of traditional colors like red and green for Christmas or shades of fall for Thanksgiving, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to wrapping gifts and preparing cards. For many gift givers, the paper, bows and envelopes are an extension of their own personal style. Is hot pink and pale green really OK for Christmas? If that's a favorite color combination - then why not?

You've no doubt put a lot of time and energy into choosing a gift that reflects the interests and tastes of the person receiving the gift. All of that effort is even more personal when you consider the presentation. Trendy, classic, artistic, eclectic - throw yourself into those papers and bows and a make a great gift truly extraordinary. Here are just a few ideas; including special gift certificates that we've prepared in a range of innovative packaging.

Explore packaging that reflects a gift's theme.
When you've selected a gift specifically for a decorator, gourmet, artist, sports enthusiast or movie buff, it's always fun to wrap your gift to match the theme. Wrap the decorator's gift in wallpaper with a paintbrush tied onto the bow or arrange the cook's gifts in a fancy mixing bowl with a specialty whisk.

We have gift certificate bundles for all kinds of hobbies and interests:

Pamper Her: She's overworked and she's special to you. Help her unwind and rejuvenate. This gift set includes a $100 value to Spa Finder, $50 to Macy's, and $25 to Bath & Body Works.

The Perfect Guy: It seems you've been waiting for your White Knight all your life. Tell him he's the one with this gift package that includes: $100 to Bass Pro Shops, $50 to Eddie Bauer, and $25 to REI Sporting goods.

Home Movie Night: Stay in on a snowy night and bring Hollywood right to your living room. The homebodies on your list will appreciate this gift package that includes: $25 gift certificate to Domino's pizza, and a $25 value for Blockbuster.

Night Out: Enjoy a night on the town without red ropes and flashy displays. A $50 gift certificate to Boston Market quenches the cravings. A $25 AMC Movies pass scores tickets and buttered popcorn.

Hostess: It takes more work than most people think to pull off a great event. Show your appreciation for a fun time with a gift set that gives them: $25 to, $10 towards Bath & Body Works products, and $5 for the White Barn Candle Company.

Great Escape: Everyone needs a break from the everyday grind to rediscover life outside the workplace and other obligations. Help your friends or family members escape with the perfect package: $200 on American Airlines, $100 to Marriott, and $50 towards an Avis Rental Car.

Newlyweds: Help them celebrate their new lives together with taste. They'll love coming home to a house with items from these stylish home stores: Williams Sonoma ($100 value), Crate & Barrel ($50 value), and Restoration Hardware ($25 value).

Sports Enthusiast: A jock or sports fan will appreciate nothing better than the opportunity to promote their passion. A new basketball or baseball glove with new shoes will keep them hustling in the right direction. Show your support with a gift set to include $50 at Cabela's and $25 at Footlocker.

Teen: Teens like to look fashionable while being entertained. Here's the perfect package to satisfy their needs. This gift set includes a $50 gift to their favorite store: American Eagle Outfitters, $25 to Famous Footwear, and $10 to Barnes & Noble.

New Baby: When a woman finds out she's pregnant, she knows she'll need a new wardrobe. When the baby is born, she dreams of adorning the nursery and dressing the baby in picture-perfect outfits. Give the perfect gift - a gift set that includes: $100 to Motherhood Maternity, $50 to Pottery Barn Kids, and $25 to babyGap.

Sometimes it's the message that makes a special gift.
You've done the hard work-selected the perfect gift or gift certificate. Why not spend a few extra minutes and add a special message or card?

When giving a gift certificate, you'll have the opportunity to include an e-card with all digital gift certificates or an occasion-specific insert with certificates that will be mailed. Both provide an opportunity to include a personalized message.

Want to add a sweet (and homemade) touch to the holidays?
Consider mailing your gourmet brownies and bar cookies in the baking pan, uncut. Cover the surface with wax paper, put the pan in a plastic bag, and force out excess air. Fill the space with crumpled tissue, use a second plastic bag and put it in a mailing box with plenty of packing material. Not only do your treats arrive their freshest, but the recipient also gets a new baking pan!

A study in contrasts
As you may have discovered in our hot trends section, packaging with a mix-and-match sensibility is at the top of this season's list. Try a selection of prints and colors (stripes with dots?); the exquisite contrast of Kraft paper with a sprig of evergreen; or a humble sheet of newspaper tied with an elegant velvet bow.

Found materials
In the spirit of personal expression, you might also explore potential gift-wrapping materials that you already have at home. What about that extra piece of fabric from your last sewing project; the twine in the gardening shed; that antique cigar box in your desk drawer or a patchwork of glossy magazine pages stitched together with the machine set on zigzag? These are just a few of the many possibilities that emerge from everyday objects around the house.

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