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Group Gifting


Group gifting is a great way to go when you are unsure of what to buy a particular person. This person might be a boss or a family member who is known to have particular taste. A wonderful and influential teacher might be a perfect candidate for a gift from her beloved students or colleagues. Group gifting takes the focus away from one particular person and can be a better option when it comes to budgeting for some of the 'gifters'.

It's also time-saving - as usually only one person is needed to collect money for the gift and to pick up the present.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Boss's Day, do you recommend a group gift over an individual gift to the Boss?
Though an individual gift is just fine, some gift givers feel uncomfortable with the idea. They worry that their gift might be perceived as a ploy for special treatment. Group gifts alleviate this concern.

Our friends have some very expensive items on their registry. Would it be OK for a group of us to give a "joint" present?
Yes, a gift from a group of friends is sure to be appreciated. Do make sure that the accompanying gift includes the names of everyone who has contributed.

Is it proper to mention plans for a group gift on party invitations for an anniversary party?
Yes, if you have plans for a specific item, it is OK to include a note that gives guests the opportunity to contribute. It's generally considered bad manners to ask directly for money, but mentioning the idea of a large gift with the option to participate is just fine. Make sure that everyone who contributes signs the card.

My siblings and I are throwing a party for my parent's golden anniversary. They are planning to downsize into a small condo. What would you suggest in lieu of assorted gifts?
This is a perfect opportunity to give a gift certificate for an activity, a special meal or a big-ticket item that you know your parent's would enjoy.

It is a common practice at my workplace to circulate a card with a donations envelope. This occurs on various special occasions in the life of a co-worker (birthday, new baby, etc.) I have a limited budget and can't always contribute. Is that OK?
As long as company policy does not forbid it, it's fine for people in the office to circulate a card or an envelope asking for donations. However, there should never be any pressure for people to contribute if they do not wish to do so. The card and donation envelope should circulate freely, without someone waiting to see if you are going to contribute. In that does occur, you should feel free to say that you can't contribute. You are not obligated to provide any reason, nor should you be asked.

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