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Last Minute Gifting


Regardless of how much we plan, it's inevitable that a birthday, graduation, promotion, or any kind of occasion can sneak up on us. It may be hard to physically get to a store to buy a present with your schedule. Maybe the mall is closing in an hour and you don't have a way to get there. On top of that, you might be uncertain as to what a person likes or dislikes. It's important to know your options and who you are buying for.

Here are some helpful hints below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! My college-age nephew's birthday is in three days and he lives in a different state. I can't believe that I've waited until the last minute! What should I do?
It may be of some comfort to know that you are not alone. Many people with busy schedules find that last minute shopping is often the norm. Fortunately there are wonderful options that you can order online and have delivered-fast!
And one of our gift certificate bundles would be perfect. We've put together some of our most popular offerings in innovative gift packaging. These are ideal when you're in a hurry but want to give something that is sure to be enjoyed.

I've been dating someone and they just informed me that their Birthday is tomorrow. We are still getting to know each other. I want to make a good impression in this window of opportunity but I don't want to send the wrong signal. What should I do?
No problem, the opportunity to 'gift' can help move a relationship forward or potentially cause the other person to back off. So go with what you know - that you'd like to keep seeing this person. Order some tickets by phone to the symphony or a Broadway production. You can have the tickets messengered to you that day or pick them up at the booth yourself. Present the tickets with a ribbon wrapped around them - this gift says you'd like to keep seeing them and sends the perfect signal.

Most catalogs and online services operate during standard business hours for processing and shipping while department stores are usually closed by 9pm. What can I buy overnight to have a gift by morning?
Many drugstores are open 24 hours. You can find things here that you wouldn't find in a department store (and much quicker). For instance, you can find: cosmetics, costume jewelry, sports equipment and electronic gadgets. If you are buying for a female, she'll probably love a gift bag full of makeup brushes, nail care accessories and hair products. You can also find off-the-wall items like Belgian waffle irons, shake makers, or cordless telephones.

I still have so much shopping to do before Christmas! My in-laws are coming in to town and they would like to shop together. I'm afraid I won't have time to get everything done!
Make a list of all you need to have done by the time your in-laws arrive and also up until Christmas day. You may even need to plan your time down to the hour. The best tip we can give you is to shop alone as much as you can since time is critical. Shopping with others can slow the process down considerably when you have to wait on others and play tour guide.

I cannot get to a store due to weather conditions and I don't have Internet access. I need a gift fast!
Have you looked around your house at all? Passing on a piece of antique or heirloom jewelry is always appreciated and valued. Maybe your niece has had her eye on your costume jewelry. Perhaps you can repot a healthy houseplant and tie the pot in a fancy bow or wrap it in colorful fabric or paper.

Our friends have invited us to their son's bar mitzvah tomorrow. I have no idea what to buy or what is appropriate!
Most people have interest in something and would like to know more about it. Bookstores are the best resource! You can buy a book pertaining to his interest if you have an idea of what it might be - or perhaps a magazine with a note saying you've bought them a subscription. If all else fails, a gift certificate will let them choose the perfect read! The parents will probably appreciate the incentive to read versus watching TV.

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