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Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Mothers Day Gifts

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Created as an expression of love and gratitude for mothers everywhere, this is a special day where Mom is treated like a Queen. While this holiday is virtually synonymous with colorful bouquets, flowers are just one of the ways to make Mom's day. Children might treat Mom to a deluxe breakfast in bed, prepare a fancy brunch or take her out on the town. The ways to celebrate Mother's Day are as varied as a family's imagination. What does Mom enjoy? What would really surprise her and make her feel great? That is the question that kids consider when they plan for the day.

Gift Ideas
  • Special tray for the breakfast in bed
  • Children's artwork (framing is always a nice touch)
  • Scrapbook filled with photos, letters and mementos with blank pages so she can add to the book
  • A plant for her garden
  • Gardening supplies, including a pair of embroidered gardening gloves
  • Butterfly garden ornament
  • Lavender blossoms in a pretty glass bowl
  • Parisian park-style bench for her favorite spot in the yard
  • A soft fleece blanket and cozy socks in a matching hue
  • Neck or eye pillow filled with her favorite scent
  • French press, gourmet coffee and a hand-painted mug
  • Something extravagant for the kitchen: copper cookware, exotic spices...
  • Rejuvenating spa set
  • Handmade soaps in pretty paper-add a hand-painted soap dish
  • Bath and body gift collection
  • Fancy set of makeup brushes
  • Cashmere sweater
Gift Certificate Ideas
  • She'll find favorite cosmetics and fragrances with a gift certificate from
  • A new spring outfit from L.L.Bean will brighten anyone's day.
  • Buca di Beppo gives Mom a reason to celebrate over a delicious meal.
Frequently Asked Questions

Should I give my Stepmother, or other women, a gift on Mother's Day?
What feels right to you? Many people want to give their Stepmother a gift-as well as a Grandmother, or another woman in a mother-like role.

If you think of your Stepmother as an important person in your life, then a gift with a card that doesn't specifically say "Happy Mother's Day" will honor her and feel more appropriate and comfortable for you. You'll want to consider the expectations and feelings of your Stepmother when you decide what is best.

On Mother's Day, is it just children who give gifts?
Actually many husbands like to give gifts, too. Not only do some Dads help children prepare breakfast or decorate the house, but they also may come up with a surprise of their own. An unexpected treat from Dad is just another way to make the celebration complete.

Is it OK to give my wife an appliance on Mother's Day?
Frankly, it all depends on whether or not an appliance is something that would feel special to your wife. If, on the other hand, an appliance is not on her wish list-and you're not sure what is-consider a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers, a special meal and a gift certificate for the indulgence of her choice.

Our children are very young (two- and four-years old). As their Dad, I'll be buying a Mother's Day gift on their behalf. Do you have any suggestions for a special gift?
What about artwork? Even very young kids can create a memorable piece-even a few doodles in crayon. Your children can tell you what they are drawing, and you can label it with an accompanying title or story. Consider framing their art so that your wife can cherish it for years to come!

My daughters are determined to give their mother perfume for Mother's Day. However, the money they've saved from babysitting won't cover the cost of her favorite fragrance. Should I provide the extra money, or encourage them to buy something else?
How nice that your daughters have saved up to buy something for their Mom! There's certainly no harm in contributing to the purchase of their gift. Another option might be for them to select soaps, body lotion or bath oil in the matching fragrance. Typically these products are easier on the budget, and a lovely addition to a woman's favorite perfume.

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