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Passover Gift Ideas

April 24-May 1, 2005 (Begins at sundown the previous day)

A time for family and friends to gather, one of the focal points of this eight-day Jewish celebration is a special meal called a Seder. Designed to use food to symbolize ideas, the Seder is a 15-step ritual based on the Haggadah, a book of instructions, prayers, blessings and stories that describe the steps in detail. At the end of the Seder, children look forward to a game where they search for a broken piece of matzah, (the afikomen) wrapped in a napkin or special bag. Hidden by parents during the Seder ceremony, the children hunt for the afikomen at the end of the meal. Once discovered, kids are rewarded with a "ransom" or gift for returning the matzah to the table for the celebrants to share.

Gift Ideas
  • Hand-embroidered matzah cover
  • Ceremonial serving piece (Seder plate)
  • Passover cookbook
  • Matzah box
  • Matzah tray
  • Silverplate Elijah cup
  • Haggadah Holder
  • Star of David wrapped soaps
  • Beeswax candles
  • Matzah and afikomen bag set
Gift Certificate Ideas
  • A traditional or new Haggadah interpretation from
  • A gift certificate from Crate and Barrel lets the hostess choose exactly what she needs.
  • They'll love the range of tablecloths at Linens N Things.
Frequently Asked Questions

I've been invited to a Seder, and I'd like to take a gift. Is that appropriate?
Yes, a gift would be a thoughtful and welcome touch. Take a look at our gift suggestion list for inspiration. Since guests are typically encouraged to participate in the Seder, you might also consider a non-traditional version of the Haggadah. Select a fitting passage to read during the celebration; inscribe a personal message on the inside cover and leave the book with your hosts.

What is the best children's gift for the afikomen tradition?
Ask the parents what kinds of gifts they typically give their kids. Some families prefer educational presents or a Passover-related theme; others give the latest in-demand toys. Either way, you will be a popular guest!

What about gifts of food and Kosher restrictions?
It's important to note that Passover has very specific guidelines in terms of food and drink. All food and wines must not only carry a rabbinical kosher seal, but specifically say "Kosher for Passover". Leavened bread is not eaten during this time, and most breads, corn or wheat products are not acceptable. Matzah, a type of unleavened bread is an integral part of the Seder, and enjoyed throughout Passover. With all of this in mind, a non-food gift may be simpler.

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