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Report Card Gift Ideas


The report card has arrived in the mail and the news is good: top grades and a job well done. Parents and teachers agree that nothing ensures a repeat performance like plenty of acknowledgment and positive reinforcement. Some parents like to reward their hardworking students with a special family meal, a treat at their child's favorite restaurant or a trip to the local theater to catch the latest blockbuster. Others mark the day with a requested gift or an unexpected surprise. It's not only straight A-types that may deserve a reward; even average grades that are on an upward trend might be reason for celebration.

Gift Ideas
  • Pizza party
  • Night at a special restaurant
  • CD
  • Video or DVD
  • New outfit
  • Sporting gear
  • Computer/software
  • Tickets to a special event
Gift Certificate Ideas
Frequently Asked Questions

My kids talk about their friends receiving gifts for good grades. My parents never gave me gifts? What should I do?
This depends on your personal values regarding education. If you really want your kids to go 'all the way' in school then it's clever to provide incentive. The 'real world' motivates employees with bonuses and promotions so it's acceptable to do the same with students. Try rewarding your child for good grades with a dinner in a nice restaurant or perhaps a new outfit or a computer to help them get ahead.

My son is on the honor roll in high school but has no motivation to go to college. How can I inspire him to make the right choice?
What kinds of subjects does your son exceed at? It might be a good idea to sit down and talk with your son about his vision of the future and how education fits into his picture. What types of individuals does he admire? Look into their backgrounds and present your case for the ones with a solid education. Providing incentive by gifting (not to be confused with 'bribing') - also manifests as a reward and can set an example for the future and things to come.

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