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Rosh Hashanah Gift Ideas

Sunset September 15, 2004 to nightfall September 17th,
also Sunset October 3rd, 2005 to nightfall October 5th

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (which follows ten days later) are together called the High Holidays. The Holidays are full of judgment, remembrance and repentance. They are among the most important and holiest days of the Jewish year. While most of the other Jewish holidays mark an historic event or a change in nature, the High Holidays focus on people and their relationship with God. In many cultures New Year's celebrations are boisterous events. Rosh Hashanah, though a happy time, is a more solemn event that emphasizes reflection on one's actions, thoughts, words and goals. Apples and honey symbolize hope for a "sweet" new year full of blessings and abundance. Though this is not a traditional time of gift giving, it is typical to send Shanah Tovah cards to friends and relatives.

Gift Ideas
  • Jewish desk or wall calendar
  • New jacket, tie, or yarmulke for synagogue
  • Star of David neck chain
  • Hebrew Holiday Prayer Book (special prayers are said for this Holiday)
  • Blank journals
  • Apple honey tray
  • Whimsical honey pot
  • Gift basket of gourmet kosher treats
  • Candles in the shape of apples
  • The Birthday of the World Rosh Hashanah CD
  • Fast and Festive Meals for The Jewish Holidays cookbook by Marlene Sorosky
  • Challah cloth
Traditional foods to bring for feasting
  • Challah (special sweet bread)
  • Special wine (kosher)
  • Honey
  • Apples
  • Pomegranates
  • Kugel (a sweet or savory pudding, depending on the recipe)
Gift Certificate Ideas
Frequently Asked Questions

I've been invited to a dinner party during the High Holidays. Any suggestions on what I might bring?
Round and sweet foods are most appropriate. For example, challah is usually baked in round loaves during this time of year-to evoke the cycle of nature.

Are there any gifts that would be inappropriate during this time?
Many people avoid eating nuts during this time, because the Hebrew letters for nuts also form the word for sin. Also remember that any gifts of food should consider the observance of kosher tradition.

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