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Wedding Participants Gift Ideas


Weddings involve all of the special people in the lives of the Bride and Groom. Participating in a wedding can be a large investment in time and money on the part of the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and other attendants. It is expected that the Bride and Groom give something back to participants in the wedding party to acknowledge their commitment to the big day and the events leading up to the final moments. Often times a Bride will give her Bridesmaids a gift that somehow represents womanhood and the bond she has with each of them. This could be by giving a piece of jewelry with an inscription or a photo of them together in a beautiful frame. Many times a Groom will give his Groomsmen a gift along the same lines. Only in this case perhaps a billfold or something that represents their ties to one another.


Gifts from Bride to Bridesmaids

  • Pin, jewelry or necklace to wear with the Bridesmaid's dress
  • Silver picture frame
  • Compact
  • Letter opener
  • Hair ornaments
  • Shawls
  • Printed t-shirts
  • Printed or embroidered underwear
  • Flask

Gifts from Bridesmaids to Bride

  • Jewelry
  • Engraved item
  • Household item
  • Silver tray
  • Frame
  • Toasting goblet
  • Watch
  • Photo album

Gift Certificate Ideas for the Bridesmaids

  • Spa certificates from are an extra special treat.
  • RedEnvelope lets your Bridesmaids choose from a range of gifts.
  • Fashion-minded Bridesmaids love the selection at Barneys New York.

Gifts from Groom to Groomsmen

  • Belt buckles
  • Key rings
  • Wallets
  • Billfolds
  • Tie clasp
  • Monogrammed glasses
  • Bar accessories

Gifts from Groomsmen to Groom

  • Watch
  • Household item
  • Custom-made CD with a song or two selected by each Groomsmen
  • Vintage bottle of wine with a customized label
  • Frame with photo of all the Groomsmen and Groom

Gift Certificate Ideas for Groomsmen

  • If your Groomsmen like to golf, they'll love a certificate from Austad's Golf.
  • has a watch that's just right for every style and taste.
  • A year's subscription to Netflix keeps them up to date on the latest films.

Gifts to Parents

  • Parent's monogrammed handkerchiefs
  • Embossed travel mugs
  • Engraved frame with photos
  • Bookmark
  • Massage chair
  • Matching watches
  • Wine accessories

Gift Certificate Ideas for Parents

  • L.L Bean is popular with parents who enjoy casual, sporting style.
  • RedEnvelope offers specials gifts when you want to thank your folks or in-laws for all that they do.
  • Treat your parents or in-laws to a night on the town at The Crab House.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to 'gift' my wedding guests? What kinds of gifts are standard for wedding attendees?
It's not necessary, but it's great to give them a memento - something that says "thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to join us on this special day." Some creative suggestions might be a disposable camera so they can photograph themselves having fun at your celebration. Also, something personal that symbolizes the celebration is great like a silver wine key with your names and wedding date inscribed. A votive candle inside an organza pouch can be lit in their homes and is also symbolic of your love.

Is it inappropriate to give wedding attendants a wine key or a set of champagne flutes if we know that some are non-drinkers?
Yes, this is fine. If you single them out with a different gift; this might make them feel even more uncomfortable as other attendees raise an eyebrow. Often times, the gift is looked upon as a memento of the occasion. Both of the above gifts mentioned are symbolic of celebration.

Should the Bride give her Bridesmaids a gift?
This is a frequent tradition, and a wonderful way for the Bride to thank her Bridesmaids for their participation in her special day. This gift is typically given at a Bridesmaid's luncheon or at the rehearsal dinner. Often a Bride will select something that is engraved with the wedding date.

Should I give my Groomsmen a gift?
This popular tradition is a thoughtful way to thank your Groomsmen for their participation and support. You may wish to give a present that can be engraved with the wedding date. Gifts are usually given at the bachelor's or rehearsal dinner.

Is it customary for Groomsmen to give the Groom a gift? What about Bridesmaids gifting the Bride?
Yes, many wedding attendants will gift the Bride or Groom with a group gift from all of the attendants. Frequently these items are engraved with the wedding date and/or the attendants' names.

How can I thank my in-laws for all of their support during the last year? They helped out with so much of the wedding planning and cost.
A gift that reflects the interests of your in-laws is sure to be appreciated. Are they gardeners? Gourmet cooks? Or people whom enjoying going to museums?

Another idea would be to give a gift that brings back memories of the wedding events-perhaps a wedding photo in an engraved silver frame.



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