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Wedding Shower Gift Ideas


A Bride may be given a shower by a female friend or relative prior to the big day. Showers have traditionally been restricted to the ladies; however, today there are frequently couples showers. These are becoming increasingly popular since they celebrate the couple instead of the Bride.

If you are purely attending a Bridal shower, it's customary to bring something that represents your personal relationship to the Bride, or something that she and the Groom will need in their new life together.

If the shower becomes a joint engagement and the Groom is in attendance, a gift that embodies their hobbies or interests is fun and always appreciated. The couple will appreciate the thought you've put into the gift and are sure to enjoy the gift itself.

Wedding showers generally have themes either associated with setting up the home, the wedding itself or the honeymoon. Here are a few ideas for a fun event:

Themes for Bridal Showers:

  • Household items
  • Lingerie
  • Round-The-Clock
  • Quilt Square Shower
  • Heirloom recipes
  • Traveler's shower
  • Garden shower
  • Readers & Writers shower
  • Spa Relaxation

Themes for Couples Showers:

  • Room-by-room
  • Calendar shower
  • Entertainment shower (music, DVDs, videos, DVD player, computer, games...)
  • Two-by-two (items that come in pairs)
  • Wine or stock-the-bar shower
  • This-is-your-life shower
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who traditionally hosts a shower? Can my mother host the event?
Traditional etiquette suggests that a close friend hosts a shower, and that it is inappropriate for the mother or sister. However, protocol has relaxed. Some mothers and sisters will co-host or help pay for a shower.

Are shower invitations different from other types of party invitations?
Yes, in that a shower invitation will typically mention what type of gift to bring. Most other invitations don't mention gifts.

Must a shower have a theme?
No, a shower certainly doesn't have to have a theme. Many hosts simply prefer a theme because it is helpful for guests who are selecting a gift, and the theme can relate to a specific need or interest of the Bride, Groom, groom or couple.

Who should be on the shower list?
Some showers are small, intimate affairs, while others are quite large. Either way, only those who are invited to the wedding should appear on a shower list. Typically wedding attendants, close friends and relatives attend a shower.

I've been invited to my friend's bridal shower and her wedding. Should I give a separate gift for each occasion?
Yes, a gift should be given at both events if you are planning to attend.

If I don't attend a wedding shower, must I send a gift?
If you are close friends with the people getting married, it would certainly be nice to send a gift, but etiquette does not require you to do so.

Three different people are throwing bridal showers for me. Can I invite many of the same people to each shower?
While you may have a few of your closet friends (or attendants) at each of the showers, one does not typically invite the same people to more than one shower. In special cases where you friends or relatives may be attending more than one of your showers, make sure to let them know that they should not bring a gift to more than one of the showers.



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